Sri Lanka Tourism hosts Indian travel agents and influencers

Sri Lanka Tourism invited outbound travel agents and ten Buddhist media influencers from India to participate in a B2B networking session and immersive cultural experience during the Vesak celebrations to boost pilgrim tourism.

The event commenced on May 22 at the Hotel Ramada Colombo.

The delegation’s visit began with a comprehensive networking session to foster collaboration and enhance the network between Sri Lankan travel agencies and their counterparts. This initiative was a move to promote pilgrim tours, highlighting Sri Lanka as a premier destination for Buddhist travellers.

On May 23, the delegation participated at the lighting ceremony at the Gangaramaya Temple. The lighting ceremony symbolises enlightenment and peace, providing the guests with a firsthand experience of the island’s vibrant Vesak festivities.

Following the Vesak celebration, the delegation embarked on a Familiarisation Tour starting from May 24. This tour covered the significant Buddhist temples across the country, permitting the guests to explore and appreciate the historical and spiritual significance of these sacred sites. Key stops on the tour included the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy, the ancient city of Anuradhapura, and the Dambulla Cave Temple.

The primary objective of this program was to showcase Sri Lanka’s rich cultural heritage and spiritual ambiance, thereby encouraging an increase in the number of pilgrim tourist arrivals.


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